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Luan Apach and Sylvigoth on the ZD10 Wiki

I know it would seem like I haven't updated in forever, but I have been working on things.


How about the plane of Luan Apach, home of the canyon dwelling shortfolk known as the Canyon Hanta?

There's also the plane of Sylvigoth, a colony plane that is out of the way and unfortunately, as of the Fourth Age, controlled by the Vampire Counts.

I was spending some time trying to find a way to put custom maps into the Google Maps API, which I was able to do through a lovely site that is the evolution of an earlier one.

I alerted my good friend and fellow gaming blogger Stargazer of the site, which he promptly also blogged about, letting more people know of this wonderful tool.


You can find what I have done with those below:

The Plane of Luan Apach

The Plane of Sylvigoth

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