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Sean Réalta Leanaí

Flag of the Sean Réalta LeanaíThe Sean Réalta Leanaí are the survivors of one of the YNV Class Colony Escape Vessels launched during the destruction of Earth. In this case, the ship in question was YNV-93 Eire, the only vessel launched from Ireland. As with all of the YNV Class vessels, her maximum capacity was 10 million, though the craft was launched with less the exact number is lost.

After the YNV Eire was launched and the Warp Scatter, the ship's computer used it's sensors and automated science division to locate a new suitable home. The ship spent nearly a thousand years drifting amongst the stars until arriving in what would eventually be known as the Caoilfhionn System. The ship was designed to orbit the hospitable planetoid, unfreeze it's passengers and allow them to make trips down to the surface of the world which would give them access to the ships many technological systems, however this was not the case with the YNV Eire. Upon orbiting procedures, the craft struck one of the planet's moons. 1/3rd of the vessel was left torn on the lunar surface, while the remaining portion crashed onto the world below.

Life for the new colonists was made incredibly difficult due to the destruction wrought upon the colony ship, and it wasn't long until any form of government from Earth was replaced with warlords vying for what was left of resources. Within a hundred years, the colonist completely forgot about Earth, and the wreckage of the vessel was completely forgotten until rediscovered centuries later.

When a TSA scout ship came across the Caoilfhionn System, the colonists had just began colonizing the system themselves. Upon arrival of the moon orbiting their world, the colonists were able to extract many useful technologies from the remains of the YNV Eire, and even a hundred or so colonists who's cryo-pods managed to keep power for all of that time. The Eire colonists, being the first of the colony ships rediscovered by the TSA, ushered in an age of growth and hope for both the TSA and Eire colonists.

Today, the colonists have claimed three systems for themselves, and have a total combined population of 75 million. Upon leaving the Caoilfhionn System, they took the name "Sean Réalta Leanaí" which loosely translates from Old Earth Gaelic to "Ancient Children of the Stars". The Sean Réalta Leanaí are one of the TSA's largest allies, sending thousands of people to academies, fleets and armies under the TSA banner.

Sean Réalta Leanaí tend to be larger and more muscular then most TSA citizens, mainly due to the amount of physical hardship and labor that goes on in every day life. While they have access to many technologies to aid them, the ones available are still rather primitive leading a lot of extra work. Sean Réalta Leanaí citizens can usually be found covered in many tattoos, similar to the woad tattoos the Old Earth Celts wore. Sean Réalta Leanaí culture is similar to Old Earth Celts in that they have a connection to nature not found in TSA citizens. They have a deep respect and admiration of the moon orbiting Caoilfhionn Prime which they connected to Life, Rebirth and Harvest. When the ruin portion of the YNV Eire was located there, they were ecstatic to find the Old Earth Seed and DNA bank which had failed to deploy onto the planet. Luckily, the native flora and fauna were numerous and similar to those found on Earth.

The Sean Réalta Leanaí does keep it's own active fleet, which can be found all over their own systems as well as systems belonging to their allies. They are known for their silver crescent vessels that almost seem to have reflective surfaces. Their enemies have learned to fear their crescent shaped ships, a dedication to the moon that filled the people with hope and brought them once again to the stars.

Sean Réalta Leanaí Systems
Caoilfhionn - Capital
Dearbháil (Binary Star)
Sean Réalta Leanaí

Introducing… Lost to the Stars

 photo credit: makelessnoiseSpace is massive…

For some time now, I've been working on a game setting in which to experiment with the FATE system, made famous by Spirit of the Century and more recently, the Dresden Files RPG by Evil Hat Productions. I've always had several ideas for science-fiction settings, but it wasn't until I started working on my Grimm Landless collection of pulp stories that the ideas behind Lost to the Stars came to a head.

Lost to the Stars can list several things as major inspirations. The most obvious of these, in my opinion, are Mass Effect, Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Star Control 2: The Ur-Quan Masters, Weird Worlds and a bunch more.

In further posts, I'll describe the world of Lost to the Stars in further depth, including write-ups of the history building up to the present, planets, ships, and even detailed three-dimensional maps thanks to AstroSynthesis by the good folks over at NBOS Software.

So keep your eyes open for a world with ray guns, jet packs, lost human cultures, aliens, blocky robots, women in distress and of course... adventure!