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WE – 10/06/2013

  • 5 one-sentence descriptions of characters.
    1. With a scent of apples and spices, the lilliputian girl skipped carelessly through the stressful city streets, her alabaster face showing a smile.
    2. A younger man with soot-covered skin had a glistening smile, somehow betraying his overwhelming filth.
    3. Though with an unnatural stillness matched by only by its silence, the golem's eyes betray the truth.
    4. The monkey-like figure hid in the shadows of the canopy, it's muscular frame covered by camouflaged garbs.
    5. Capturing the gaze of everyone upon entering, the statuesque woman had an immediately commanding presence.
  • 5 one-sentence descriptions of items or locations.
    1. Stone spires reached towards the heavens, rivers snaking beneath them and feeding the verdant forests at their feet.
    2. A marvel of engineering though not necessarily fashion, this trench coat offers ample protection in a simple color scheme.
    3. The Astronest was a gift from our stellar neighbors, a station surrounding the Earth like a gleaming ring in the heavens.
    4. Rex's plane was an oddity amongst the others in the race; propellers push it through the sky like a blazing firebolt.
    5. Endless halls filled with shelves of books, torches offering light and countless scribes bustling between the countless rooms.
  • 1 paragraph description of a character.
    • Before you sits a larger, squat woman of short stature with a variety of shiny knick-knacks and odd baubles laid out before her. The scales covering her are a dull carmine color, having lost their sheen years ago. Atop her head lies some sort of circlet or tiara crafted of wood, a style seen commonly on women in the area. Orange-red hair falls to the side of her head, lacking any obvious care or cleanliness though the black horns emanating from her forehead are decorated in a way showing much thought and sense of fashion. Slickened with drool, her general appearance does little to offset her homely looks which is only magnified by her obvious ill mood. With a dramatic voice, she beckons you forward but as you meet her azure eyes with yours, you are filled with an immediate sense of terror...
  • 1 paragraph description of an item or location.
    • Corncliff was like any of the villages in the Zerymuth Archipelago: built on the cliffs overlooking the sea and filled with people from a variety of cultures. The island holding Corncliff had three such villages and provided quite an area of arable land that was put to good use, thus earning Corncliff its name. As colonists came from the surrounding areas, the islands became a bit of a cultural melting pot with numerous architectural styles clashing over the limited building space many of the islands offered. A simple and quaint cross-gabled style of building, usually two or three floors tall dominated claimed prominence amongst homes and other structures, though a few buildings covered with domes and even a handful with masterwork pagodas are visible. Corncliff as a village claims much success with its fields of maize, ample supply of fish and the orchards that grow on the southern end of the island, near the thorp of Ciderloch.
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WE – 10/05/13

  • 5 one-sentence descriptions of characters.
    1. A brazen man sitting in a provocative position, clearly lacking any idea of the concept of shame.
    2. This elderly woman's smile shines brightly, drawing attention away from nearly a century worth of wrinkles.
    3. Clearly the hound had seen better days, though its missing eye and numerous scars certainly did not slow it down.
    4. Froglike yet bearded, the diminutive creature's warted hands cupped its eyes while it surveyed the horizon for its next meal.
    5. The viridian lizardling, clothed in fine silks in the style of the region, reeked of the ocean despite nonesuch waters being nearby.
  • 5 one-sentence descriptions of items or locations.
    1. Ancient yet solid, a staff of gnarled wood that retains the smell of whatever grove it was once part of.
    2. The trees here grow in a crooked manner as far as the eye can see, though they seem healthy otherwise.
    3. This sword's shape is designed to replicate a flowing flame, entirely fitting seeing as how it gives off the warmth of said fire.
    4. A nearly transparent bottle in the shape of some sort of four-legged creature, filled with a light-giving orange liquid.
    5. The rolling hills, rich of phosphorus and other materials had a green hue not seen elsewhere.
  • 1 paragraph description of a character.
    • You wouldn't guess it from looking at him, but the bear like figure seen at the stall across from you seems to be incredibly adept in speechcraft. The azure garbs covering his short form have been crafted from fine and exotic cloth, leading you to believe that his skills of language have led to quite a number of successful endeavors. His black fur is rippled with stripes of gray, starting to show that he is quite old, with many years of wisdom under his brass-fitted belt. A member of the Tsarsin, a race of bearfolk, he is shorter than average amongst his kind. While he may be short on stature, he is high in spirits with an ostensibly infectious jovial attitude that is clearly affecting the merchant he is dealing with. As his eloquent speech comes to an end, a large toothy grin shows he is quite satisfied with whatever results he just stumbled into.
  • 1 paragraph description of an item or location.
    • A sturdy grip of laminated oak sits lovingly in a black metallic frame, featuring engravings of decorative nature. Plated brass lies etched into the darkened steel providing a unique contrast in the materials and colors of the pistol. Simple in construction, its durable engineering provides its user with a reliable weapon that can survive a variety of conditions. Built in such a way to allow the wielder to easily change the ammunition chamber to fire differing sizes of rounds, this weapon is a uniquely crafted jewel that draws the respect of any inventor, gunsmith or marksman who eyes it. In a battlefield where its wielder may one moment fight thick skinned creatures of massive stature and the next battle vast numbers of quick moving swarms, this is a weapon that its owner can feel truly proud to own.
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