The Aurum Dwarf Doomsayer

A dwarven man, one of the Aurum, has an epiphany about the Child he worships.

An Aurum Dwarf that makes their living being a cleric of the Child of Catastrophe. He is an unattractive, adult man with a large build and is of short height. He has glowing blue eyes with an electrum shell and nickel inlays. He is dressed in garments typically found worn by the Firebark Treefolk of Ifirsine. When you make eye contact, you feel a great sense of loss. His voice is low pitched and his speech is accented. He is in a good mood at the moment. They seem to have an unambitious personality.

It’s not easy being a cleric for one of the Infinite Children associated with something negative. You can find Pastors for the Child of Love, Peace or Growth everywhere. Even Clergy spreading the messages of Greed, Pain and War had their purpose.

Yttron was a cleric of a Child that generally nobody would worship openly: the Child of Catastrophe.

One day while traveling as a prophet he had come across a village that was mostly abandoned. The buildings were bleak, the people were weary and there was a church; nothing wondrous, but a quaint building made up of gray stone blocks starting to show its age.

The people who remained behind were at first cautious of the Aurum Dwarf — he was not a creature of flesh like they were, instead seemingly wrought of electrum and nickel. His glowing blue eyes revealed a living intelligence, though one riddled with a sense of loss. Seeing a being such as him wearing clothes and needing to eat was confusing. Then of course came the fact that the Child of which he maintained his relationship with was the Child of Catastrophe. He was kind though, helpful and soon welcomed amongst their ranks. It took a few seasons, but the church was eventually usable once more.

One fateful spring day, a large crowd of travelling individuals happened to pass by the town. They did not know where they were going, just why they were leaving. “Fire.” one of them uttered, “It came and burnt everything.” In a way as to not offend these vagrants, Yttron beamed — he could help them.

“Catastrophe is something worthy of running from, my friends. It forces us to face bleak truths and start with a blank slate. It is also something we can prepare for. While it may be inevitable, we can diminish the pain, losses and grief.”

His message rang true enough for the vagrants to decide to stay. More would come, each escaping a catastrophe of a different sort. Some large, some personal. Yttron focused on rebuilding and preparing for these until the end of his days.

The town has a statue of him near the now standing cathedral. Most people fail to understand how folks could adore a Cleric of Catastrophe or why they are even helpful to others.

“Still better than a Cleric of Murder!”

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