Simple Weather Table

A random table to get an idea for the day's weather during a game.

SSSometimes while playing, you will not have a predetermined idea of what the weather should be. You can use this table to get a good idea!

This type of table is known as a Blunderbuss Table as it spreads out the possibilities from a few to a greater amount each step down. This has the abstract effect of sort of acting like a cone, reminiscent to the spread of shot being fired from a blunderbuss.

I didn’t create this table but have used it in the past to great effect. It was created by gnarlymuppet over on the Behind the Tables subreddit.

4_ON_D4 Temperature

  • 1_ON_D4 Above average for season
  • 2_ON_D4 Average for season
  • 3_ON_D4 Below average for season
  • 4_ON_D4 Extreme high or low for season

6_ON_D6 Weather

  • 1_ON_D6 Seasonal (Varies per climate)
  • 2_ON_D6 Rain
  • 3_ON_D6 Drizzle
  • 4_ON_D6 Overcast
  • 5_ON_D6 Partly Cloudy
  • 6_ON_D6 Sunny

8_ON_D8 Wind Direction

  • 1_ON_D8 North
  • 2_ON_D8 North East
  • 3_ON_D8 East
  • 4_ON_D8 South East
  • 5_ON_D8 South
  • 6_ON_D8 South West
  • 7_ON_D8 West
  • 8_ON_D8 North West

10_ON_D10 The Wind is a … (Roll twice)

  • 1_ON_D10 Deadly
  • 2_ON_D10 Intermittent
  • 3_ON_D10 Full
  • 4_ON_D10 Fresh
  • 5_ON_D10 Cold
  • 6_ON_D10 Dry
  • 7_ON_D10 Dusty
  • 8_ON_D10 Hot
  • 9_ON_D10 Strong
  • 10_ON_D10 Subtle

  • 1_ON_D10 Stillness (0)
  • 2_ON_D10 Calm (0~5)
  • 3_ON_D10 Breath (5~10)
  • 4_ON_D10 Breeze (10~15)
  • 5_ON_D10 Zephyr (15~25)
  • 6_ON_D10 Gale (25~40)
  • 7_ON_D10 Squall (40~55)
  • 8_ON_D10 Blow (55+)
  • 9_ON_D10 Crescendo (Shift ↑)
  • 10_ON_D10 Decrescendo (Shift ↓)

12_ON_D12 Quality

  • 1_ON_D12 Invigorating
  • 2_ON_D12 Depressing
  • 3_ON_D12 Mischievous (Unsecured items get blown)
  • 4_ON_D12 Revealing (Reveals something)
  • 5_ON_D12 Visually Striking or Unusual
  • 6_ON_D12 Unusual Scent
  • 7_ON_D12 Refreshing
  • 8_ON_D12 Unpleasant
  • 9_ON_D12 It reminds the eldest of the party of home
  • 10_ON_D12 It reminds the youngest of the party of home
  • 11_ON_D12 Appears magical in nature
  • 12_ON_D12 Is perfectly ordinary

20_ON_D20 It will be like this …

  • 1_ON_D20 All day
  • 2_ON_D20 Til mid-morning
  • 3_ON_D20 After mid-morning
  • 4_ON_D20 Til lunch
  • 5_ON_D20 After lunch
  • 6_ON_D20 After lunch
  • 7_ON_D20 Til supper
  • 8_ON_D20 Til dark
  • 9_ON_D20 After dark
  • 10_ON_D20 Intermittently
  • 11_ON_D20 Through the morning
  • 12_ON_D20 Through the evening
  • 13_ON_D20 Overnight
  • 14_ON_D20 As soon as the PC’s go out
  • 15_ON_D20 An hour after the PC’s go out
  • 17_ON_D20 For the next two days
  • 18_ON_D20 For the next four days
  • 19_ON_D20 For the next week
  • 20_ON_D20 For the next month
Zakharov Sawyer, Zakharov Sawyer