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Expandable Ideas: The Godfleas

While some ideas end up getting fleshed out to semi-completion, an extraordinary amount never get anywhere near that point. One of those ideas was… what would happen if fleas fed on the blood of a god?

“Dai lupines! Of course it would be Crainn Mactire. That plane is covered in only slightly more trees than child-spawned wolves. Even a divine mongrel can’t be spared from fleas and filth evidently.”

“Yes. I’m aware that you can speak. Zitte! Che schifa! Do not touch my things. I don’t want to catch anything you are carrying, pulci.”

— Oralo Bondesanti, Brevegenio Gnome Anthropologist and Anatomist

What a Godflea might look like. Concept art from the movie, “Monster in Paris”

TTThe Divine Children take on a multitude of forms across the universe and bestow their grace upon (or procreate with) a variety of life across the planes. There are a few places where evidence of this is unquestionable, one of which is the Plane of Crainn Mactíre, home of the Fhaol Elves.

On Crain Mactíre, wolf-like creatures are the predominant life-form. Even the Fhaol evolved from a common ancestor of these creatures. The Fáinleogréine (Swallows the Sun), the largest of these wolf-like creatures, will often carry a hint of divine favor.

So what happens when one of these creatures, or any other one that also has divine favor, potentially has a parasite, like a flea?

While the beings known as Godfleas didn’t originate on Crain Mactíre, that’s the plane where their existence was first observed. They had no civilization, no culture, nothing that showed they were intelligent, so as other intelligent life often does, they assumed that they weren’t.

…and that’s sort of where I left off with them. Intelligent anthropomorphic fleas that had become sentient by feeding on something that contained a small portion of the ichor of the gods. I imagined them being one of many species that existed amongst the Planar Council worlds that were citizens, but being ones without a homeplane of their own meant their status would be different everywhere they went.

I should really flesh them out some more at some point!

Maybe I should introduce a Godflea Paladin of some sort into one of my games…

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