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A Personal Note: Farewell Harley

A final goodbye.

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

— Roger Caras

“Don’t worry dad, I’ll protect you from the nightmares.”

I wanted to keep personal posts off of this blog, but I felt this was important enough to make a post about. Especially since it’s really impacted any capability to write about anything over the last week.

Harley was my first dog and unfortunately kept from me after my divorce. There wasn’t any legal way for me to get her and despite certain people in my family managing to maintain contact with my ex-wife, those who offered to help couldn’t and those who could wouldn’t.

So, hearing that she passed away… has broken me. I never got to see her, talk to her or anything after I left all those years ago.

I am sorry Harley. I should have fought harder for you. I hope you forgive me and know that I never forgot you and never stopped loving you. Seuss says Hello, that he misses you and loves you too.

Goodbye Harley. Thank you for everything.

Sleep well, sweet baby.

Zakharov Sawyer, Zakharov Sawyer Zd10.net