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The Primordial Beasts

Massive, ancient, and powerful, the Primordial Beasts are kings of all their kind. Their lord. The single template from which all others were wrought. Gods in their own right.

“Stories are wild creatures, the monster said. When you let them loose, who knows what havoc they might wreak?”

— Patrick Ness, A Monster Calls

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IIIn bygone caverns, obscure valleys, and places just forgotten by time, some of the oldest creatures in the universe still exist. These beings are the Primordial Beasts. Though they may not be the literal first of their kind to exist, they are considered the greatest of their kind.

A Queen of Spider-kind.

Creatures this old are godlike in some capacity, though still nowhere near the ability of one of the actual Divine Children. They also share a bond with all lesser creatures of similar ilk to themselves, which leads to them having a level of knowledge that can edge on omnipresence. Nobody is really sure of their relationship with the Divine Child in their domain, but one must assume it is on some level of acknowledgment.

Primordial creatures of all types can be found.

Though they are beyond the ken of mortal creatures, it does not mean they are overlooking them. Similar in the way that some individuals gain power through the Divine Children, some are blessed by the Primordial Beasts. The most common of which I will cover below:

Narrated list of the most common Primordial Beasts.

A Primordial Ape.

Primordial Apes and Monkeys are wise, ferocious, and great lovers of laughter and trickery. Beings imbued with their power are known as a Wukong and legends say they revel in combat and fight whilst laughing.

A Primordial Spider.

Primordial Spiders are master weavers, their webs capable of many feats beyond those of their lesser kin. Individuals blessed with that power, in addition to venom and stealth, are known as a Spindel.

A Primordial Serpent.

Primordial Serpents and Snakes are creatures of subterfuge and deceit. When an individual has been given some of their abilities, they are known as a Wadjet. Supernatural mesmerism is one of their tricks.

A Primordial Wolf.

Primordial Wolves are said to have shaped landscapes of worlds with their songs alone. Those they have granted knowledge of their ways are known as a Fenris. Through their songs and ferocity, they can make their own mark on the world.

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Their existence is typically unknown to most, but despite not being gods themselves, they still can have a massive influence on the worlds where they are found. Primordial Creatures are one of the many forces that vie for power and control across the planes of the Trigate setting.

“What would an ocean be without a monster lurking in the dark? It would be like sleep without dreams.”

— Werner Herzog

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