Featured image of post AI Generated Art: The Wizards

AI Generated Art: The Wizards

Computer, what does a wizard look like?

I found this neat tool the other day called Wombo.art that uses an AI to generate pieces of art in a style similar to the Deep Dream images you may have seen at one point. Pick a style, give it some words and you get a piece of art. For instance, the header image for this post was made with the phrase “magic universe” and using the vibrant style.

So, I decided to see what Trigate’s wizards would look like. These are all done using the dark fantasy style. I’ve included the prompts I used as well to give you an idea.

Pyrotheurge, a Wizard of Fire

Hydrotheurge, a Wizard of Water

Aerotheurge, a Wizard of Air

Terratheurge, a Wizard of Earth

Naturatheurge, a Wizard of Nature

Anitheurge, a Wizard of Death

Astrotheurge, a Wizard of Space

Omnotheurge, a Wizard of Reality

Dynatheurge, a Wizard of Forces

Mutatheurge, a Wizard of Change

Luxotheurge, a Wizard of Light

Hemotheurge, a Wizard of Blood

I liked how these came out. I’ll have to do more in the future!

Licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0
Zakharov Sawyer, Zakharov Sawyer Zd10.net